She’s Into That May-December Thing


Amy, the Formerly Feral Kitten, is into older men. Her favorite nap companions are Jasper and Sneakers, our sixteen-year-old senior citizens. When she needs a nap after playing HARD she seeks out one of the geezers. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps because they’re so sedentary or they just give off a mellow vibe. But she’ll spend a few hours every afternoon napping with either of the great-grandfathers of the house.

The perspective on this photo is off. Because Amy is closer to the camera than Jasper she appears to be close to his size. That’s an illusion. Standing side by side she is lower than his shoulders and one of his paws would cover a third of her head. I can sweep her up off the floor with one hand. Picking up Jasper or Sneakers takes at least one grunt and a risk to throwing out my back. My guess is Amy will get no bigger than ten pounds. That’s a far cry from either of our big guys’ prime fighting weight but that’s OK. With my back over fifty years old it’s best to not have cats that have to be lifted with a forklift.

Gotta go make with the writing. This short story is getting more ideas and it’s time to wrestle some of them to the page.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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