No One Should Have to Hear Feliz Navidad More Than Once

Last night we were driving around our small town, looking at Christmas lights. It’s a little disappointing this year. The prime time for putting out lights is mid-to-late November and this year we had temperatures in the minus zero range. So there’s just not as many lights out this year. My cousin the Singing Farmer has a very nice display, as does his sister a few blocks to the northeast. The houses in town that usually go above and beyond have done their best, but many others have fallen by the wayside. And now we’re going to go back in the deep freeze so I doubt if we’ll see many more.

We had the radio on our public classical radio station. They’d play a seasonal classical piece every other song but my wife was getting frustrated with that format. She LOVES Christmas music. I like SOME Christmas music. Much of it is far too much schmaltz and cheese, corny and campy. It’s hard for an old rocker to get into that. So we started scanning through the local stations and it was pretty dire, as I expected. And then it happened, a local pop station was playing Feliz Navidad.

We had just driven out to the farm and I was turning back towards town. My wife cranked up the volume and was happy happy happy. I survived it, the earworm that song can become never happened, and the next song was some Taylor Swift wannabe piece of fluff so we switched back to the classical station. That fit the mood better; driving in the country on a dark road, a Mozart concerto quietly lifting above the road noise. It felt…seasonal.

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