Stay Classy Seattle

stay classy Seattle

Well, at least my last Super Bowl was a nail-biter. Richard Sherman showed some class by congratulating Tom Brady (whose dissection of the vaunted Seattle defense was just beautiful). Aaaaaand then there were a few things that reminded me why I am done with all of this. The commentators feel obliged to mention the ball deflation conflagration but when reviewing Pete Carroll’s career fail to mention the less than savory aspects of his tenure at USC. No, we wouldn’t want to bring that up. There’s that pointless fighting after the game was decided. Yeah, I get that emotions were running high but it doesn’t excuse that kind of behavior. Roger Goodell reminded everyone why we think he’s a sanctimonious smarmy douche-nozzle. On the New England side there’s team owner Robert Kraft, whose post game remarks reminded us what pompous, ego-maniacal, self-serving, goat-raping pencil dicks all NFL team owners are. OK, I’ll give Paul Allen a pass. And finally there is  Doug Baldwin’s touchdown celebration (photo above) which cost his team fifteen yards on the ensuing kickoff and gave the Pats great field position. So yeah, idiots and pencil dicks all around. I’m done with this shit.

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