No Pain, No Gain


Actually, that’s bullshit. Exercise shouldn’t hurt other than some soreness the day after. But it’s different for me with this ankle. I’ll explain.

We got snow over the weekend. It was just a couple inches of powdery fluff but it still had to be shoveled because it builds up on the driveway, makes the sidewalk impassable, and frustrates our dog with his little stick legs. So yesterday I cowboyed up and shoveled everything, including all the little paths the dog needs. There’s something about this activity that strains my ankle to its limit. I put ice on it a couple times last night and downed some ibuprofen. By the morning all the soreness was gone. By the morning it had also snowed another couple inches. So I went back at it again.

I am grateful for this opportunity. The ankle is at a point where it has to be pushed at least every other day beyond what it considers comfortable if it’s going to get better. It doesn’t matter if it’s shoveling snow or walking on the treadmill, it has to be done. My plan is still to be moving into actual jogging late this spring and I’m not going to get there babying the damn thing. So I push it and ice it and start all over again.

The weather guy on one of our local stations was predicting we won’t be getting much snow for the next couple weeks. The atmospheric conditions just aren’t right for a lot of white stuff. So I figured I’ll be hitting the treadmill into the middle of the February. I just looked at the revised ten day forecast. We’re going to get dumped on Saturday. So I’ll push it and ice it and start all over again.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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