Fog and Frost

P1010223Early Sunday morning we got freezing rain and no travel was advised for at least three of the counties out here. We were supposed to go to a matinee performance of a play in Williston and I was a little nervous. The no travel restriction got lifted so we made the trip. It was foggy and the ice on the road had turned to slush and water. I kept the Family Truckster under sixty mph and we did fine.

The play? It was a local production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. The wife of my cousin the Singing Farmer played Madame Arcati and stole the show. Carjo thought the rest of the cast were a little bit less than stellar but hey, it was local theater. More troubling to me was that Coward’s play now moves a little too slow for modern audiences, especially in the first act. But it was a fine outing and a change of pace for us boob tube junkies.

We were going to stay in Williston for supper but there was a problem. Roads that are wet during the daytime generally get a little slick when the sun goes down. And that highway was very wet. So we skipped supper, picked up some Mexican food to go for Carjo, and hit the road. Light snow was falling outside of Williston. As we got closer to our home town and the fog thickened to Noel Coward quality. As we drove through town the sun had set, the streetlights were losing the battle to the fog, and a light layer of frost was forming on everything. And above is what I saw when I let the dog out this morning. I think Noel Coward would have thought it a pleasant effect.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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