Thin Ice of a New Day


It’s terrible weather again today. High winds, light snow, and ice covering everything. I had plans to go out and got some things done but they can all wait. The cats are showing very little interest in going out and extraordinary interest in finding the warmest places to sleep. Above is a photo I took yesterday of Joffrey on the bed in the Man Cave, with hoarfrost coating everything outside.

My wife was up nearly all night and didn’t crash until a couple hours ago. The dog, Sansa, and Sneakers immediately joined her. They know when a warm afternoon nap is the order of the day. And I sit in front of my laptop in the living room, playing 70s Genesis while working on that project I mentioned last week. It’s quite boring and my focus has taken its time to get working. It’s always that way for me but boring tasks are always the worst. So while I have the ideal situation with a slumbering spouse and a simmering stereo, I struggle. But this post is giving me a little incentive to get going. Somedays you just need to cowboy up and embrace monotony. A winter day is perfect for that.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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