Caturday – We All Look a Little Scraggly Sometimes


Yeah, Jasper looks horrible in this horrible picture but you know, he’s old. He does look a little bit terrible. He pees about six-seven times a day and drinks gallons of water, he used to poop like an elephant and now the kitten out-produces him, and he get very insecure and paranoid at night. Sneakers is marginally better, he’s at least having fewer senior moments but I think his kidneys are almost as bad as Jaspers. Not much you can do at this stage but keep them happy and comfortable, monitor them for signs of discomfort, and enjoy their company. Jasper just insisted that I hold him and thump his sides. Sneakers still climbs on my chest if I lay down on the bed. Their personalities are intact and that’s a good thing. It’s hard to watch them decline but a lot easier than dealing with ancient humans. And that’s all of have on a dangerously cold Caturday.

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3 Responses to Caturday – We All Look a Little Scraggly Sometimes

  1. Kathy W. says:

    While it saddens me that Sneakers’ health is declining, I find comfort knowing that he is being cared for and watched over by two of the kindest people in the world. You and Caroline took in this overweight, asthmatic, Maine Coon when I no longer could care for him, and before I knew it, “my boy” was socializing with his cat mates, losing weight, and no longer suffering from asthma. The love and attention he was receiving was clearly evident – and still is. I am forever grateful.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Well, it’s a slow decline. Hopefully he’ll enjoy another spring and summer in the sun. Right now he’s in his spot in the master bedroom, lower right corner where’s there’s the most blankets offering him the softest surface possible. It also happens to be a spot sometimes favored by the dog and it’s always amusing to see him and Pippin sleeping within inches of each other.

    • Kathy W. says:

      His early bond with Pippin seems to have remained… . By the way, your description of “his sport” sounds so wonderful that I’m about ready to drive out there and join him in the man cave!!

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