A Stunning Loss to All of Us

Sometime yesterday, three young men from our local high school were killed in an auto accident. This high school seems cursed. I was told that in there has been a death every year for the last five years. That’s a pretty high average for a small town and it’s a lot for a community (not to mention the poor families) to bear.

When I was in my senior year one of my classmates died of carbon monoxide poisoning. That same year a girl that had transferred to another school from our class committed suicide. I mention these tragedies only to show that I’ve seen first hand what happens in a small town when a teen dies. It just steals the spirit out of everyone. The kids, the faculty, and the community. I cannot imagine, cannot even begin to fathom, what it does to a school when you lose three at once. The posts and chatter are piling up on Facebook, it’s all anyone was talking about when I went downtown this morning. The community will recover in some way. The classmates will likely bounce back because of their age and that’s what they do. I don’t know if I can say the same for their families but it is not really my place to speculate. Facing the death of a loved one is never easy but the death of a child is among the cruelest. All I can say is my heartfelt sympathies go out to their parents, their siblings, and friends. Rest in peace boys.

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