The Things I Watch for Love


My wife and I watch most of our TV shows together. We are not always of the same mind on TV shows so this can be a little bit tedious some times for one or the other. My wife has absolutely no use for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore so I just watch it online. She gave up on Orphan Black as well which leaves me aghast and bereft. But here’s what I would ditch if I could.

Ghost Adventures: Every Saturday night I watch this with my wife but only two things keep me in the game. 1.) I treat it as a comedy. Really, these idiots have to be in on the joke. 2.) Because it airs on the Travel Channel there is some very interesting scenery and locales. But if Carjo checked out of this, I’d be done with it in a heartbeat.

Criminal Minds: Carjo watches this sadistic, formulaic, void of logic and reality for only one reason, Thomas Gibson. I just sit there and try to imagine how I would kill the show’s writers. Power tools and dental instruments might be involved.

The Walking Dead: As I have said before, this is Gilligan’s Island with the undead. I’m done with it. They’ll never get off the island, they’ll never stop recycling plots, my wife will never stop watching. Unless they kill Daryl. If they make that mistake I’ll be a happy man and free of the undead slog.

Cable and Broadcast News: My wife is a news junkie. Some days our house feels like an airport terminal as many times as I pass a screen that has CNN on. Then she watches the local news at five, NBC news at five thirty, local news again at six and switches back and forth between the local news and the Daily Show at ten. I get my news from the Internet. The sad thing is, she’s often on news sites when she’s on the Internet. I find TV news superficial, exploitative, and manipulating. My wife sees through these conventions as well but still she watches, sifting through the dross for just a few nuggets of gold. If she has gone to bed early or taking an afternoon nap that creeps past five o’clock, I keep the TV off and play some tunes.

But the point is, we compromise. We watch TV together because we want to be together. So I will watch all of the above and she will watch most of my shows because we enjoy each other’s company and we’re all we have. At least that’s what I tell myself when Criminal Minds is on. God that show sucks.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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