Working Towards a Weirder World

Elven City by Thom Tenery

I’ve got this image on my desktop right now. I like these fantastical images to stir my imagination and to make me think weirder. Right now I’m sifting through both the short story and the novel. I’m looking for weak points, strengthening what I would term “the emotional core” of the saga, and just trying to make it all a little more fantastical, a little weirder. I’m not trying to make it so unreal it’s unrecognizable or impossible to relate to, but I think I should push the envelope on what this world can be. I keep thinking it could be more but I haven’t determined what that means. So I keep pondering as I tune my guitar and think about strange villages among giant trees, monstrous robotic zombies, and air-ships as quiet as ghosts. Sooner or later the key will turn, the tumblers will fall, and the door will swing open. I just have to keep thinking and dreaming.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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