Caturday is Sunday


It’s 55 degrees and it will hit 60 before the day is over. Sneakers is taking advantage of the weather to get some sunbathing in on the back steps. Come Monday, the temperatures go back down to the forties and I suspect he’ll spend the day on our bed, asleep and oblivious.

In other cat-related news, Jasper had a serious low blood sugar incident yesterday. He had thrown up in the morning and then had not eaten anything the rest of the day. So he got his insulin shot in the mid-afternoon and then just about supper time he crashed. His back legs kept slipping out from under him and he was quite confused. Then he emptied his bowels on the dining room floor. At first we thought he was a goner but Carjo thought it was his blood sugar after he was placed on a blanket in the kitchen he was offered food. He ate a few bites, rested, ate some more, rested, and ate some more. Then he got up under his own power, walked on steady feet into the living room, and jumped up onto his favorite chair. Whew. Today he got half a dose of insulin and has spent the day in his chair, enjoying the sun in his own way.  Long live the king of the house, may his reign go on.

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One Response to Caturday is Sunday

  1. cultureguru says:

    I used to have a diabetic cat. It’s terrifying when their insulin gets out of whack…

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