X-Files: If I Ran the Zoo

X-Files Undercover

It’s just been announced that the classic 90s TV series The X-Files will return for six episodes. David Duchovny (the man, the myth, the monotone) and Gillian Anderson will be back as FBI agents Mulder and Scully with writer/producer Chris Carter at the helm.


I both celebrate and dread this. The problem is where in the X-Files will they pick this up? After season five everything went off the rails and the two movies were no help. And then there’s Mulder’s chief frenemy, Alex Krycek, who was killed at the end of season eight. Carter’s “mythology”, the over-riding story arc of the series, was made up as they went along and it got to a point where that became a detriment. Don’t even get me started on the Lone Gunmen. So if they pick this up at where the last movie left off, they’ve got a real mess on their hands.

This is getting tossed back and forth on Metafilter right now (http://www.metafilter.com/148269/They-cant-take-away-the-X-Files-Scully-They-tried#inline-5984701) and one of the best ideas is to just create an alternate universe scenario where everything that happened after season five didn’t happen. It certainly wipes out a lot of bad memories and tortured logic. But my guess is they’ll just pick up the thread after the second movie and muddle through. To do otherwise would mean they’d have to admit that the last half of the series was nonsense and Hollywood egos don’t allow that sort of thing.

But you know what, we’ll still all watch it. The pull of nostalgia is undeniable, especially for a show that was such a seminal part of so many fan’s lives. Plus the chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson is still going to be a sight to behold. But there never will be anything as gloriously crazy as this again.

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