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Yesterday, after we got our Interwebs connection restored I spent much time catching up on Metafilter, Progressive Ears, my web comics, and that goddamn Facebook. But the above comic applies to me and Carjo as well. Sometimes you get caught up in something on Netflix (or Amazon Prime) and the hours dwindle away. Go ahead…try watching one episode of House of Cards. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

Or more often, you spend an hour or two watching a movie that just turns into a couple of hours of your life that you will never get back. The other day I watched Solomon Kane because well, someone had to. I was more than a little familiar with the source material, Robert E Howard’s pulp tales of a Puritan avenger, crossing the world to battle sorcery and evil. Yet even without that background I could have told you this movie was seven kinds of suck. The writers and producers decided that instead of picking up on of those old stories they were going to create an origin story, one totally unrelated to the original. It dawdled, it took leaps over logic, the great villain made little sense, and the way he was dispatched made even less. In other words, an hour forty minutes of my life I will never get back. And I really hate that.

When you are as disorganized and ADHD-addled as myself, what little productive time you can scrape together with will and focus is precious. To squander it on something useless and just…worthless can really bring you down. So today I stride forth again, trying to get things done, to make some mark in my own little world. Hopefully it will be with distractions that I can choose and that redeem me with quality. I hear good things about that new Daredevil series on Netflix…

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