OK – This Worked

audio vinyl experience

It appears that a move back to the old WordPress site was possible. So here I am. As you were, unless you can fix my turntable. Then I need to see you as soon as possible.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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3 Responses to OK – This Worked

  1. Funny cartoon.

    I am in process of figuring out what adjustments I want to make with my system and must say, it can get a bit confusing if I let it.

    • jeroljohnson says:

      What’s your system? I’ve got a modest low “hi-end” rig. ARCAM amplification, ARCAM CD player, Meadowlark Eagle speakers (brand is extinct now but jaysus what a speaker system). The turntable was a Dual, assembled in Germany with loving care and built like a tank. But the motor has finally slowed. The cartridge is an Ortofon. I’ve had two audio dealers tell me you can’t get motors for Duals any more. However, I think I’ve found someone that might be able to get fix the motor. I’m crossing my fingers on that.

      • Modest over here also. Jolida tube amp, Jolida tube CD player, Pro-ject lp player, Antique sound tube pre-amp and BG speakers. All pretty good, but I need to switch out the pre-amp and get a DAC into the setup. I’d also like to add a subwoofer. I’m curious about ARCAM, McIntosh, Peachtree and now and again, Jolida. I may be in this mode for some time.

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