Area Man Says Gets Off My Lawn


I mowed this wretched patch of ground today. The humidity is about 200% but at least the temperature was moderate. Nonetheless I was dripping by the time I was done and my fabled left foot is swollen and stiff [the reader is instructed to place a dick joke here – I’m too tired to bother]. Still it beats the experience of mowing it last year in an orthopedic boot. Another plus, I can walk over the uneven ground now with far less of a chance of a twisted ankle. It’s still a challenge but one I handle.

We’ve seen a lot of rain in the past couple weeks so I have to keep the lawn trimmed if only for the sake of keeping of appearances. If I had enough cash I’d have a landscaping team trash the entire back yard: take out that slope and replace it with a wall, turn the lower level to native grasses and put in paving stones or bricks between the garage and the house. That would cut the amount I have to mow in half. Add another shade tree or maybe a couple Honeycrisp Apple trees, we’d be set. But that’s far down the road. So I keep mowing. And sweating.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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