My tilting at the Apple windmill continues. Apple has just debuted their new streaming service, tucking into a big iOS update. It trashes the old music player for iPhones and iPads, leaning heavily on streaming music rather than playing music you already own. The new app forces you to sign up for the service (three months free!) yet the bill comes due every month after that.

As we have noted before, I’m not a big fan of streaming. I live in a rural area and streaming is very unstable. And then there’s the whole issue of artists being barely compensated. Then there’s the whole issue of racking up data charges on your device as you stream it. Streaming may be the wave of the future but it’s not a route I want to take. I downloaded the new iOS yesterday, not because I wanted the damn thing but because I wanted to shut off the automatic renewal.

Here’s how to turn that off.…n-a-1714905341

The app itself is a confusing pile of Cupertino-tainted shit, especially if you just want your old iTunes app back. Here’s a guide:…app-1714913134

I hate the new layout. I just want to get to the music I loaded onto the phone and tablet in the first place, they made that option more difficult. They have an absurd opening screen that tries and fails to determine your musical tastes. Why not have an algorithm to look at the contents of your phone and then make suggestions based on that? None of my favorite artists (other than the Kinks and BB King) showed up in their opening suggestions. Like a lot of things Apple does, it makes assumptions that you’re just one of the cattle and can easily be led to the barn. My tastes are pretty schizophrenic and I am the square peg to Cupertino’s round hole. I’m not going to tap twice to hear goddamn Coldplay.

I might try the streaming service in the next few days with idea of requesting obscure artists just to see how deep their music well is. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s another iFailure from my perspective.

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One Response to iOS(uck)

  1. cultureguru says:

    Yes, Not so steeped in the Apple ecosystem as you, but share your feeling of wanting the continued option of owning and managing my own music files in my own idiosyncratic way…

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