Not So Big – Not So Tiny – Kinda Just Alright House


Have you heard about the Tiny House craze? It’s a real thing and in some ways, it makes sense as a move away from the suburban McMansions. Then again, maybe not ( Being I was brought up as a Lutheran, one of the central tenets was drilled into my head: moderation in all things. I suppose part of that was also a middle-class Midwest/Scandinavian upbringing where ostentatious displays were considered gauche. We weren’t exactly brought up to let our freak flags fly.

Most of our married life, my wife and I were renters. We owned a home in our late 20s/early 30s, moved to a succession of apartments, then on to renting a couple houses, then back to apartments. Now we are living in a house owned by a trust in my name (there’s no explaining the circumstances that resulted in that). It’s by no means a big house. I think the main floor is right around 1100 square feet. The basement is roughly the same but it’s worth has diminished because my mother didn’t see fit to maintain it. It’ll cost us tens of thousands of dollars to bring that back up to snuff and someday we’ll have to bite that bullet.

We had stripped down our possessions to the bare minimum, jettisoning furniture/clothes/books/kitchenware/etc like our lives depended on it. We moved everything to North Dakota in a small U-Haul. My mom thought we came with a LOT OF STUFF. This from a Level B Hoarder who had crammed this house with junk to a point where there was no passage through some rooms and no surface was not filled with useless clutter. After she died, we averaged five large black plastic garbage bags a week for MONTHS. We’ve bought a lot of furniture since then, either throwing away my parents’ furnishings or banishing them to the basement. As the resident media junkie, I did get just a few CDs/books/DVDs in the past few years. But this house is by no means filled to the point of bursting.

There’s some space issues – the living room is too long, the bedrooms too small. The bedroom I call the Man Cave has a double bed that has me really cramped. A huge portion of our books are in the bedroom closets because we ran out of bookshelf space. My wife’s office has no ventilation, etc. etc. But we’re fine here.

The Tiny House is fascinating to me but only in that fascination one might have for miniature figurines. If we had an enormous fortune, I suspect we would build a house that might be several hundred squares bigger than this but nothing huge. Of course, that medium sized house might be a log cabin on fifteen acres in the Front Range of the Rockies but that’s beside the point. The point is we’re probably as our ideal size and that’s likely the way we’re going to stay. For now. I promise.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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