Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud


Oh Steve, why art thy minions such a collection of fools?

I just disabled the new and highly-hyped iCloud Music Library on my iPhone and iPad. It seems that this bundle of cumulonimbus chicanery completely hoses up the existing library on those devices. I was going to create a new playlist on my iPhone for walking. The new Apple Music app was not cooperative. I decided to just hook the phone up to the PC and do it from there. I tried to add a couple songs via the bloated piece of craptacular software known as iTunes and it freaked out, telling me that was impossible because I had “enabled iCloud Music Library” on the device. What.The.Hell?

Like all the other e-giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon), Apple is really hyped on you using the cloud. They’re so hyped on you using this new revenue stream that it screws you over using media you already own. I’ve ranted before on the uselessness of cloud technology out here on the lone prairie. I prefer to use music I already own but Apple would like to supplant all that. So I disabled the damn thing entirely.

I suspect that my next phone will not be an Apple. I’m tired of this bullshit, not to mention being slaved to iTunes every time I want to make a change. I’ll keep the iPad until it dies but who knows where I’ll go after that. Sales of iPads have dropped dramatically because no one feels the need to buy a new one. I expect some new shenanigans from Cupertino any day now to force that issue. And when it does, you’ll see the above photo of Steve Jobs in this space again.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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