Being of Compendium of the Miscellany and Mundane

she waits

Here’s a few updates that aren’t worthy of posts but I consider worth compiling. Your mileage will no doubt vary.

Exercise: I’ve begun a program of walking every morning after feeding the cats but before my breakfast. I decided that it was high time to do something every day to try to blast lose some of the body fat I’ve managed to pile on in the last couple years. So far, it’s working pretty well. No noticeable weight loss yet but it will take a while to get my aging metabolism ramped up. But it’s fun to walk the streets while the town is still pretty quiet, just my and whatever hard rock I’ve got pumping through my little Koss headphones. I figure I can keep this up into October.

Writing: The opening chapter of the book hasn’t really seized anyone. At least anyone in any agency. So I’ve got the rough idea of a new one, with a little more tension, mayhem, and moral ambiguity. It’ll take me at least another month to knock this out, mostly because a huge portion of my time is being taken up by work.

Work: I’m doing some compiling of information for a marketing program. It’s a little tedious but it gives us a little more income while the price of dead dinosaurs remains stagnant. It’s time consuming and that’s partially why the number of posts on this blog have trickled down to a couple a week. Traffic is down too so maybe I should make another post about the buttocks of a male or female genre star to spike it. BUT THAT WOULD BE WRONG!

Summer: Our lawn has dried up to the point where only the weeds and the shaded portions of the lawn grow. I mowed the front lawn this afternoon and only because I wanted to mulch up all the leaves and twigs blown down by the fierce winds we had. I’d like to see a good soaking rain but trying to predict when that will happen is a fool’s errand. So the lawn will remain dormant and the cats will seek out the shade.

Cats: They’re loving the summer weather, especially after sundown. Sneakers has kind of given up on going outside although he has his moments. He’s taken another step towards slowing down and we’re keeping an eye on him. Meanwhile the younger ones race in and out the doors and stay out way past their bed time. It’s a cats life indeed.

Carjo: We emptied out her mother’s car yesterday and I parked it in the Singing Farmer’s big back yard. Insurance expires on it in a couple days, the title still remains in her mother’s name, it’s best if it just sits for a while. Carjo is still trying to process everything in her own way. As I said before, her relationship with her mother was complicated and so is saying goodbye.

Next weekend will be the annual summer festival this town has. I suspect that some of my extended family will be in town. We’ve been drafted to man the counter at the local museum on Saturday. And of course there will be a parade. Everybody loves a parade. So expect no posts next weekend and very few next week. Well, maybe some cat pictures. But nothing on Chris Hemsworth’s ass.

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