I’m a PC


Remember those “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads? You, the viewer, were supposed to identify with Justin Long, the young and affable Mac. The trouble is the ads made him come across as an insufferable hipster twit. PC was represented by the irrepressible John Hodgman who is far cooler than Justin Long. The ad campaign ran for about four years and while Apple fanboys loved it, Microsoft came out with a fairly cool “I’m a PC” campaign as a counter. But as my friend Billy D once pointed out, Apple versus PC is like Chevy vs Ford for nerds. Both are monolithic corporations who could give two shits and a wink about you beyond the contents of your wallet.

Last week I upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop. I was a little anxious to get it going because that laptop runs on Windows 8.1, which everyone knows is a poorly designed OS. 10 has been getting nothing but raves to I was ready to switch. At first it got stuck, probably because 40 million others were trying to do the same. I waited an hour and tried again, it worked. The whole switch took about two hours and then of course I had to fiddle and fine tune everything to the way I liked it. There was also the task of eliminating all those little privacy violations you’ve been hearing about.

Sunday I decided to go ahead and see what happened if I switched to 10 on my desktop. At first, this was disastrous. I get it set up and everything was cooking with gas when my audio disappeared. I play music every single second I am at my desk. Every.Single.Second. Loosing audio was not acceptable. To I dug up an earlier version and went back to Windows 7. Got my audio back. I updated my drivers Sunday night and decided to give it another go on Monday. A flawless upgrade and this time the audio worked fine. Tuesday night I had a couple new books to load to my iPad so I decided to do that. And then things went wroooooooong.

My old nemesis iTunes struck again. That bloated hunk of tainted software would open and just spin, swirling in a pile of its own feces and spraying it all over, lagging the whole PC down. Despite rebooting it refused to recognize my iPhone or iPad. Finally I uninstalled EVERYTHING Apple-related and then reinstalled iTunes. That finally did the trick.

So this morning everything is working and I’m spinning along. Music is playing, everything works fine, and I’ll get back to work as soon as I finish this piece. But if I ever meet Justin Long I’m going to be sorely tempted to give that smug little bastard a piece of my mind. I bet he gets that a lot.

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2 Responses to I’m a PC

  1. cultureguru says:

    This was very interesting; thanks for sharing. You have scared me away from upgrading to Windows 10 just yet, though; I haven’t found Windows 8.1 that bad. And I keep stubbornly refusing iTunes updates; I’m still on version 10! I know I can’t keep this up forever, though…

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    I would advise updating iTunes well before you upgrade to Windows 10. Give it a couple months and then get 10. It does work better than 8.1 and in two or three months all the bugs will be worked out. The only problem I’ve come across is that audio issue. And @#$% iTunes.

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