Damn I Miss Warren Zevon

Keep Calm and Zevon

Warren has always meant a great deal to me. He’s a bonding point between me and my brother, between me and many of my friends. His cynicism, his optimism, his joy and his bleakness. Few in rock music reached his level of lyrical brilliance, his way of shining a light into life’s darkest corners.

When David Letterman asked him if there was any message  on life and death could be gleaned from his terminal cancer diagnosis he said, ”How much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich,”. I often forget the import of this even though I took those words to heart at the time. I shall endeavor to do better from now on.

All this came to me the other day while hobbling on my morning walk. I was on the final block. My left ankle was hurting, my bursitis in my right hip was flaring, and my t-shirt was clinging to the sweaty parts even though my pace is not very fast or steady. I thought of the song posted below. And then I remembered I should be enjoying this. Enjoy that I can walk outside. Enjoy that my work enables me to do what I want when I want. Enjoy that pets and spouse will be glad to see me when I get back. Enjoy every single sandwich. Especially if your shit’s fucked up.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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One Response to Damn I Miss Warren Zevon

  1. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks. What a great artist he was. Perhaps battling his many demons gave him that heart rending sensibility and access to hard won wisdom. Regards Thom

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