Late Summer Haircuts

P1010402 P1010403 P1010404

I got a haircut just before the funeral last week. It was getting quite long. In another month or so I would have been approaching the look I sported in the mid-70s. I no longer have the hairline to pull off that. Plus my hair has a lot of natural waves and the hair on the sides of my head were waving out to Bozo the Clown levels. So I was overdo. Now I have about an inch on top and a #3 buzz on the back and sides. It looks neat, trim, and current.

Pippin was also overdue a haircut. It had been several months and his coarse hair was several inches long. He’s been groomed at several places but we like this independent pet store in Minot. At least we used to. When I came to pick him up the groomer upped her fee to $60 because his hair was too long and he got a little nippy. I’d never seen this person before. She had a sloppy demeanor and a deep southern drawl. I normally don’t prejudge redneck mouth-breathers but this woman didn’t get that far with me. Pippin has only gotten A grades from other groomers so I suspect incompetence rather than him being a problem. So Pet Parade will never see our business again.

As far as the haircut itself, it’s made the little squirt delirious. Grooming always makes him happy. He’s more nimble and playful, a little more vulnerable, and just fun to rough up. My dog is a good dog, no matter what that inbred groomer thinks.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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