Caturday – A Couple of Introductions





My wife has been in a long search for a pet that will sleep next to her and sit in her lap. Our cats are mostly young and independent. They have things to do. So she has been looking for a second dog. A small dog. This is not something I agree with as I think that the best dogs are dogs whose breed name includes the word “retriever” in it. Oh our little Pippin is a great little dog but he’s a little dog. I have a dream and it’s a golden retriever named Strider.

About a week and a half before my mother-in-law died, Carjo was kinda desperately casting about for another pet. The search for the small dog had failed and she decided to get another cat. The ink on an adoption application for said cat was barely dry when she happened upon an opportunity to get a little fucking Chihuahua that had been rescued from certain euthanasia. So…we ended up with both beasts in our already crowded house.

The cat is named Luna Lovegood. Her fur is extremely soft. Like, bunny soft. Good personality and really really happy to be out of the shelter. Two days ago she got spayed and today she’s back to normal, jumping up on the counter, begging for food, and purring up a storm.

The dog is named Merry (Pippin and Merry, get it?). She’s of good nature and is EXTREMELY clingy. She has to be in your lap, or nestled up against a human when we’re asleep, or at least in the same room as you. The cats treat her as a lower life form that can either be a heat source if you lay next to it, or a just a low barrier to be jumped or stepped over.

So that’s it. We are maxed out in the animal department. Daniel is eleven or twelve, still going strong, carrying home birds or small vermin morning, noon, and night. Sneakers is as old as dirt and looking about as stable as nitro glycerin yet he’s still climbing stairs, hopping onto the bed, strolling outside to patrol the grounds. So there’s no room in my life for my ideal, for a big golden dog that will walk with me in the morning and sleep at my feet while I sit at my desk. By the time there’s enough room in this house for a big dog I’ll be far too old to enjoy one.

So welcome our new members of the family. For the most part, they’re all getting along. It’s a peaceable kingdom here. Just a little crowded.

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