Ode to an Omnivore


Yesterday we enjoyed the last grilling of the season. The summer before our gas grill died and it ended up in a dumpster. We bought a couple bags of charcoal in anticipation of getting a Weber kettle but didn’t actually get it until late fall. By then grilling season was past. I finally got started on it this spring.

I like using charcoal. We have a metal chimney that you stuff the bottom of with newspapers and then fill the cylinder with coals. In half an hour to forty-five minutes you’ve got white hot coals and you’re ready to go. Yes it takes a little more preparation than the gas grill but I think the food tastes better.

The two bags of charcoal survived the winter in the garage pretty well but by the end of this season you could tell they were losing their mojo, not burning all the way down or getting as hot. Sunday I finished off the last bag. I won’t try wintering charcoals again.

But the meal was lovely. Carjo bought an inexpensive steak at the Tioga grocery store. Usually I am against buying meat from anywhere by our local meat market. I can trust his cuts. But we marinated this long hunk of flesh in a mustard based mix for two days and it slow-cooked on the kettle quite well. The meat turned out pretty tender and very tasty. Maybe not the level of the ribeyes my local guy turns out, but still better than many restaurant steaks I’ve had.

It makes me excited for next spring. I’ve got the drill down now for firing the coals and I’ve got a pretty good notion of how long most items can cook on that kettle. Now we can start experimenting with veggies, potatoes, etc. Ever had veggies cooked over coals? It’s to die for. Hell, most food cooked this way is a sight better. So here’s to a great grilling season and even greater one next year. I can’t wait.

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