I Made a Sacrifice of a Coke Zero to the Moon Gods

red moon

This isn’t my photo but this is pretty much what we saw last night, standing half-nekid on our deck. I saw a lot of photos on Facebook this morning. It was apparent that most people had no better idea of how to photograph this than I did. Unlike me, they still wasted their time to capture it. I think the image in my head of this spectacle is better than any photo can do. There’s something to be said about experiencing the moment rather than wasting time capturing it with a distant blurry image.

It was quite a moment. First to watch the moon slowly disappear, then to appear again in soft reds and oranges, and then to reappear as a white orb. The next time this happens we’ll be in our late seventies. Here’s to hoping we’ll still be able to stand on the deck half-nekid and gaze up at the heavens. If you plan on living next to us, you’ve been warned.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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