Take.My.Money (or my humble pledge dollars)

Oh, I can’t wait for this. Cumberbatch, Freeman, and the gang transported to the nineteenth century for what looks like a decidedly dark episode. The first clip that came out seemed a bit light with plenty of banter, but based on this trailer the actual case is going to be played straight and quite serious.

I suspect that if this does not air in the US the same time as it does in the UK, piracy is going to make the torrent traffic for a season ending episode Game of Thrones look like a MP3 offering by a former Britney Spears dancer. If I were in charge of programming for PBS I’d be making weekly flights to London to beg for the rights to air this simultaneously. Downton Abbey fans might be able to weather such a storm but Sherlock has a different fanbase. They will want this and want it NOW.

So get to work PBS. The fate of the free world depends on you. Oh wait, that sounds too much like James Bond. And we get the new Bond film in a couple weeks. Nonetheless, PBS, the game is afoot. Find that deerstalker hat and get to it!

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