Caturday – Cat, You Better Come Home

Sansa returned to me like gold

I haven’t posted in about a week but there’s a couple good reasons for that. 1.) Tuesday and Wednesday our Internet connection was iffy (welcome to Rural America) and 2.) on Thursday our little Sansa went missing. She did this over a year ago and we had hoped that she had gotten the whole “locked in someone’s garden shed” thing out of her system. Nope. She took off early Thursday morning and did not return. Lately when she went out it was for a good stretch of time. This fall the weather has been particularly pleasant and we figured she was taking advantage of it. But being gone from 8:00 am and not returning in at least eight hours was troubling. By ten o’clock that night I was convinced something was wrong.

Friday we walked the neighborhood, stalking through backyards and alleys, peering into every shed and garage, and calling her name. Every other hour I’d step to the backdoor and call her name. Nothing.

We were somewhat convinced that she had gotten herself trapped somewhere. This is what had happened before. She is insanely curious and will go anywhere. Despite her small stature her conformation and rambunctious personality suggest she’s either got Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat in her. If I open the garage door or even the back hatch of the Family Truckster, she’s the one cat I can count on to check it out. So we were hoping that she was alive and just unable to come home. The alternative was even worse and we were getting nervous.

So our lives seemed to be on hold for those days. We didn’t get much done. I certainly didn’t feel like posting on here, on practicing guitar, or do anything other than try to escape in the television or go to the back door and call her goddamn name.

Saturday night, just around sundown, three of the cats were outside. Despite the warm daytime temps here, nights have been damn cold. It was below freezing the two previous nights, which didn’t help my feeling that Sansa wasn’t going to survive this adventure. I opened the sliding glass door to the deck and yelled for the cats. Luna trotted in, Joffrey appeared trotting across the back yard, and from the driveway came a brown/caramel streak of lightning that flew past me and into the house. I said out loud to the back yard, “you gotta be fucking kidding me.”

I went into the man cave. I put the bowl of dry cat food on my desk now. I hate to do it but Pippin has become too adept at getting to it on the floor or on the bed. The only cure was to put if on my desk where a cat can easily reach it but a dog with stubs for legs has no hope. So I stood at the man cave door, turned on the light, and there was Sansa, eating with the hunger of a cat that had been away from home for a good sixty hours. I took the picture above with my cell phone.  Then she slept for twelve straight hours.

Yesterday she went outside for about six hours and then came home. She stalked around the house a bit, ate, and then got up on our bed, a purring lump with squinting eyes that could barely stay open. Today the sun is shining but it’s still a little cool. The cats have run in and out, not ready to commit. Sansa is on the bed in the man cave, curled up on a red wool blanket. She’s safe, warm, and glad to be home.

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1 Response to Caturday – Cat, You Better Come Home

  1. Kathy W. says:

    Sansa, girl, you had us all worried. But we should have known that you are smart enough to return home for food, sleep and lots of love.

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