The Things We Do For Dogs

Starting yesterday afternoon and ending sometime in the night, we got a steady fall of powder. Taking a guess I would say we got at least three inches but I have no way of measuring it. But it did mean I had to clear out the driveway for the cars and carve out new paths for the dogs.

Our dogs are small. Pippin has these little stubby legs and while he’s pretty brave about the weather, he has a hard time in snow as high as his belly. Merry is even smaller and needs every break she can get to get outside and do her “bidness”. So I clear some snow for them. For Pippin it means the sidewalk in front of the house and a path from the garage to the deck. He likes the deck cleared to with snow around the edges for those days when it’s far below zero and he can trot over to the edge of the deck and pee against the snow pile. For Merry I added an extra lane to the side of the garage where the snow is almost non-existent.

It took me about fifty minutes to do all of this and our long driveway. Usually I break this job up because Carjo keeps hearing about men my age dying while shoveling snow. But with powder this light it’s not much of a strain so I just kept at it until I was done. Now when I dig into our Christmas Eve feast I can say, “well, I did get a really good workout yesterday…”. I have no plans on what my excuse will be for pigging out at my cousin’s on Christmas Day.


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