Just a Bit Nippy Out There


I have this really warm bomber hat. You know the type, with ear flaps and faux fur trim. It’s toasty inside it and I only wear it in severe temperatures. It snowed about a half inch of powder last night and I knew I had to clear the driveway this morning. I checked the temperature and it was only one below with a windchill of minus sixteen. I’m getting old. I put the damn bomber hat on.

I shoveled snow for just under a half hour while the Family Truckster warmed up. I took out the garbage, drove the FT downtown to get milk etc., and bought my Powerball ticket (because $2 gets you a cheap fantasy for a couple days).

Now I’m home and in my sweatpants with absolutely no plans to go outside for three days. It’s only going to get colder this weekend and I have zero reasons to go out. I won’t go to quite the extreme that Amy is in these pictures but I’m dressed in layers because the man cave is on the NW corner of the house, catching the prevailing wind. I’ll watch the Bison game tomorrow and fill in the rest with my wife’s shows and X-Files on Netflix. No bomber hat required.


About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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