Dude, You Got a Dell!


I’ve been off the blog for over a week. Let’s blame the Dell Dude. In my man cave I’ve got a discount Dell Inspirion. It does a decent job, it has decent specs. But the RAM is getting a bit shaky and it’s causing problems.

I make my PC do a lot. Play music, keep several tabs open on Chrome, keep different files open, downloading games/programs/music, and Word is always open. That taxes the RAM and my RAM is starting to flip out. Add to that the stress of Windows 10 and it means the PC is starting to lose its mojo.

I’ve noticed that the audio drops out for a split second and after trying various updates/trouble shoots last week I finally just did a reset of Windows 10. For some reason that didn’t take too well and I had to do another. That one worked but then I had to restore everything to this PC: programs, music, guitar videos, files, etc. That takes time and the blog took a direct hit. Of course, all that work only improved the PC’s performance by a fraction. Then I got hit by a ton of actual work and it’s lucky I got the Dell up and running when I did. Right now I’m just taking a break from the work to post this.

It’s not like I don’t have enough to talk about. Alan Rickman died and for me, that’s a huge deal. There’s other stuff I wanted to pontificate and preach about as well but priorities are brutal. Anyway, I’m back and you can expect the usual rants, cat photos, rants, pictures of snow, and rants to appear again on a regular basis. At least until this Dell takes a dive again.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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