Pummeling the Opposition


In 2012, a young Liberal member of the Canadian Parliament stepped into the ring for a charity boxing match against a beefy member of the opposing Tory part. The odds were 3-1 against the skinny youngster with the stakes being the loser had to cut their long hair. The Conservative, Patrick Brazeau, had a black belt in karate and a tenacious reputation. The Liberal was the pampered scion of a former prime minister and is dubbed by one of the sneering announcers as “The Shiny Pony”.

As you can guess from the header on the video, the young pony is none other than the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Looking at the fight, it seems to me his strategy is to rope-a-dope Brazeau. He just hangs in there the first round, sustaining a lot of punches only to unleash one good flurry at the very end of the round. From there on, it’s not a boxing ring, it’s an operating table. Trudeau just pummels the hell out of Brazeau until it’s called midway through the third round. The announcers are astonished. The crowd ecstatic.

We live just below the Canadian border. From the news I could gather during the last election and reports from Canuck friends, this is pretty much how it went in the fight against Stephen Harper. Harper had the bulk, the experience, and the kid just ran him down, then pounded him.

Prime Minister Trudeau is visiting the US right now as the first PM from Canada to visit in quite some time. He and Obama are clearly enjoying each other’s company. Hell, after David Cameron and Vladimir Putin, wouldn’t you enjoy this kid’s company? Anyway, this visit brought this all to mind.

I used to watch boxing with my father-in-law. He loved the sport and probably would have critiqued these two as mediocre bouncers. Then I’d have to point out that this is the Canadian equivalent of a Democrat destroying a Republican and he’d say, “let’s watch it again.”

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One Response to Pummeling the Opposition

  1. cultureguru says:

    I’m a big fan of our new Prime Minister. I’m tickled that you featured him!

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