My Inner Phil Dunphy

Yesterday was another round of moving my aunt into assisted living. We moved a lot of small stuff, hung pictures, moved more small stuff, and fussed with electronics. Minot, where my aunt lives, spreads across the Souris River valley. My aunt’s old condo is on the north side of town, about ten blocks away from the north slope of the valley. Her new apartment is about ten-fifteen blocks away from the south slope of the valley. So it seemed like half the day was spent driving down one slope, across the valley floor, and up the other slope. The novelty wore off fast.

I succeeded in forcing her laptop to accept all the Windows updates and Samsung updates, plus killed with fire all the extraneous Windows 8 junk like Start8. Her printer and her computer refuse to talk talk talk (see above) so the next time I go I’ll have to get that figured out. I just ran out of time to mess with it any further. There’s a surprising amount of companies that have not dealt well with updating drivers and printer manufacturers are among the main offenders. So my guess is I’ll have to figure out the model number for her printer and download something workable. It’ll be a pain but it’s well within my capabilities.

I’ve always had the hots for Julie Bowen’s Claire Dunphy. I figured it was because I prefer my women to be like my beer: pale and bitter. Now I sadly realize it is because I am really Phil Dunphy. Wish me luck on explaining this to my pale and bitter wife.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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