Out on the Trail Again


We took the dogs to the farm today and walked them about half a mile, up and down the section line. A few hundred yards from the farmstead I spotted a fecal grouping from what was obviously a large canine. My little dogs were enthused to sniff at it and Pippin made sure to anoint a tuft of grass nearby to claim the area. I just watched the surrounding fields for whatever left the track.

On the way back to the farmstead my wife spotted a hand-size print in the dust near the group of turds. It looked sorta like what I’ve posted above. That’s the track of canis lupus for you city slickers. Now grey wolves hunt near dawn and dusk but they’re not exclusive to that time. I figure that as long as we stick near the dogs we’re OK but I believe me, I’m wary.

Anyway, we’re home. My wife has found one tick on her. Merry checks out fine. We’ll be putting up with ticks until the end of June. They’re gross and insidious little beasts but hey, I’ll take a tick anytime compared to what else is out there…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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