Another Kind of Opening Day

opening day

Yesterday was our opening day of the grilling season. I found charcoal on sale for $5 a bag, there was no wind with temps in the upper 70s, and I got some fresh burger from our local meat market. Time to break out the grill and its chimney!

The menu was just your basic misshapen burgers, covered with thick slices of colby-jack cheese, and then enveloped in a fresh bun. I nearly overdid the burgers by making by patties 1/5 lb instead of the usual quarter pound and then underestimating the heat of the coals. So they were definitely medium but still juicy enough. And ye gods, there are few things done better than meat grilled outside. Well, anything grilled outside. I am sure that soon enough Carjo will be back to experimenting with wrapping veggies in foil. Those are great too.

Now I’ve got an enormous work project to get back to and it takes me forever to build up a head of steam these days. Still, I am very pleased with myself to start up grilling again. Now if a certain baseball team would pull their heads out of their asses my summer prognosis would be nothing but sunbeams…

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