Happy 75th Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan with son Jessie 1968

Yesterday it was Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday. We spent a good deal of it driving back roads, billowing up clouds of dust between Tioga and our farm. Mike Olson (http://www.prairiepublic.org/radio/roots-rock-and-jazz), the afternoon dj on Prairie Public Radio was playing deep Dylan tracks along with a lot of covers. It made a great soundtrack for driving down a gravel road.


When I was a young man, I didn’t relate too much to Dylan. The music wasn’t hard enough and the lyrics were often inscrutable. Something cracked as I approached my thirties and the Biograph box came out (sold my vinyl copy of that years ago and boy do I regret that). Since then I’ve only gotten in deeper and deeper. My wife…less so.

Anyways, happy 75 the Bob. May you continue to march on: confounding, delighting, and transporting. And of course, cutting one of the best car ads ever made.

There’s a ridiculous amount of Dylan songs I could post here. Things Must Change is course one of my favorites because it helps me come to terms with my age, and it’s in the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies of all time. Below is the one that I cranked up last night when we got home. After a long time of not playing anything “fun” and certainly not as loose or blues-based like he often did in his hey days, this b-side caused quite a fuss in the 80s. I suggest you play it loud. Bob did.

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