Caturday – Storm Season


Our cats are not fond of wind. This hasn’t been a good day for them.

We have been hammered by thunderstorms for almost two weeks now. Every other evening we begin checking the radar on the weather stations, watching what hell is cycling and building over in eastern Montana. Then they come rampaging across the border, throwing out thunder, lightning, and hail. Last week a hail storm took out all the lentils at the farm. The grain can come back at this stage but the fragile beans are all but obliterated. We usually see storms like this in late July/early August. It’s almost as it the very climate were changing…

Last night was another such wave of mayhem. I was born and raised out here on the prairie so to me it’s all part of living on the western plains. But my mother-in-law was very successful instilling an irrational fear of storms into her youngest daughter and thus my wife is a basket case with every thundering barrage. Merry, the chihuahua, is even worse, shaking, panting, and running up and down the hall, finally cowering under the bed in the man cave.

Today we had thirty-forty mph winds and the cats were not pleased with that. They would cry at the door to go out and then minutes later ask to come back in. The photo above is Sansa making her case to go out.

The photo below is Sansa once the wind hit her. Within seconds of that photo being taken she was flying back inside. Then she went downstairs and took a four hour nap.


The cats are all out this late evening, enjoying the still air that twilight brings. In another hour or so they’ll begin to line up at the door, eager to curl up in warm beds and make their plans for tomorrow. I haven’t the heart to tell them that we’re going to get hammered by thunderstorms again.

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