Tires and Tech


Oh, it’s been a couple weeks here for stuff breaking down. Just as I got the Family Truckster going again its air conditioning when out. The Mercury Land Yacht has developed a scraping/grinding sound whenever the wheels are turning. The first problem is likely fixable, just somewhat expensive. Even if it’s just a matter of replenishing the freon the cost out here in the hinterlands is more than you’d pay in a city. I am not enthused. The later problem is likely ridiculously expensive. So we have once again we have one vehicle running (albeit with no A/C) and the one with 70K less miles that has A/C isn’t fit or safe to drive. As my maternal granny would say, “ai yi yi yi yi”.

Tech isn’t treating us better. The last IOS update has slowed down our iPhone 4s. Carjo’s desktop is making a lovely humming sound on its way to collapse. My desktop is staggering under the weight of Windows 10 again and probably some other aging issues. Death may be imminent. I still have a functioning laptop but using the keys for a prolonged period of time is fatiguing for my aging fingers. Ai yi yi yi yi.

I don’t know what’s next that will give out. Probably my testicles. I’ll keep you updated on that.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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