Moving Towards Respectability

beer fridge

The beer fridge has been in a serious state of decline this last year. There’s been far too many weeks where there was nothing other than Coke Zero in that fridge. Money has been an issue and a lack of opportunity the other. But I can’t use the later as an excuse any more. Surly has now crossed the border into North Dakota and it appears that Bells is sending some brews our way that we’ve never seen. It’s a boon for hopheads in this part of the state.

We made a run to Williston to get new tabs/plates for the Family Truckster. After a torturous wait at the DMV we made a supply run to the grocery store. I just got paid for my big project. There’s not a lot to spare once I paid the bills but still, it had been a long time since I was stocked. So I made a quick run to the liquor store. I had very little time to peruse. Carjo was in the Truckster with the dogs and the afternoon had melted her down. I’m known for taking a long time deciding what to get when I’m on a beer run. But I decided in haste and I think I did pretty well. We’ve got Fargo’s Woodchipper IPA, Surly’s Over-rated West Coast IPA, Bell’s Hopsolution Double IPA, and the famed Surly Furious.

I think this will get me through the summer. Don’t you?

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