Tires and Tech II


I spent the morning out at the farm. My cousin, the Singing Farmer, was trying to cross a low spot with an old John Deere tractor and it got stuck. So I came out to drive the larger tractor that was pulling while he steered the stuck one. Then we moved a pickup used for spraying and a water truck.

Back in town, the Singing Farmer took a listen to the Mercury Land Yacht while I drove it up and down the driveway. He was able to isolate the scraping noise to the driver’s side rear wheel. It’s likely something has come loose off the brake pad and is rubbing as the wheel turns. So it’s probably not a major problem but just another thing to add onto the list of what needs to be fixed.

Tech is frustrating. My main external hard drive is in FAIL mode and then one that I was transferring data to got corrupted. So I had to wipe the second drive of the bad files and repair it. In the process of that I lost some music files that cannot easily be replaced. Now I’m slowly moving files off Bad Drive #1 to OK Drive #2. It’s a slow process. Every now and then I hit a file too corrupted to move and that means it’s one file that I have to either replace or it’s just…lost. Most of these are music files. I can replace some easily but if it’s something I ripped from a friend in Minnesota, or from a ROIO site that no longer exists, then I’m shit outa luck. Right not I’m moving some video files and hitting the same issues. It’s frustrating as all hell but what can I do.

By the end of next year we should be in a good position to do something substantial in replacing all this aging tech and shoddy transportation. The operative word is should. The economy of North Dakota is very much centered on commodities and so are we. So we fix what we can, live with what we can’t, and cross our fingers that things will rebound. Like that tractor that came out of the mud today.

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