Tires and Tech finale


So the desktop PC has been sent back to AAA (the basement). The desktop’s problems are insurmountable and it’s not just the audio. The USB ports are shot, the RAM spikes quite often, and the whole unit just freezes up sometimes. So it’s downstairs, sitting on my mom’s old dining room table where it can pick up the WiFi signal and occasionally be of some use. I hooked up the audio to the basement boombox. I guess it will be useful as a backup if nothing else.

The laptop is now my only option for work or play. It can handle sustained multi-tasking with that I7 core, the audio never cuts out, and it plays nice with Windows 10. There are drawbacks: the cramped keyboard isn’t kind to my ancient hands, the screen is dim in the morning unless it’s rebooted, and the screen is smaller than the monitor I was used to. I can live with this stuff because IT WORKS.

Nothing in this house has been working right for the past few weeks. It’s been one catastrophe after another and I need a break. Using a piece of equipment that actually does what I tell it to do is a godsend right now. Some days the small victories are the ones that matter.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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