Summer Flowers


Me and my wife are not exactly endowed with green thumbs. Neither of us have the patience, discipline, or cash for fancy fertilizers/pesticides/chemical enhancements. So are attempts at planting a garden were meager. But my wife pines for flowers (even if she expects me to do all the work). For years she’s asked for sunflowers. This year I finally found some seeds that would tolerate the cruel winds and my indifferent watering.

There’s about a half dozen big sunflowers behind the house and about the same amount of smaller ones. Only a few are blooming so far but I must say they look pretty good considering the ineptitude of their caretaker.


And then there are the four-o’clocks. My wife grew up with these in the backyard and I’ve tried to grow these outside our bedroom window for a couple years ago. The seeds have never taken hold for some reason but this year I decided on a different strategy. I planted again under the bedroom window but also in the plot on the east side of the house. The stuff by the bedroom window is struggling. The ones on the east, below the kitchen window, are thriving. Here they are this morning.


I’m encouraged now. Next year I’ll concentrate more on the spot where the sunflowers bloomed and the eastern flower bed. With gardening, like baseball, there’s always next year.

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