Play It Loud…Shostakovich Did!

I was surfing through a thread on Progressive Ears yesterday about Deep Purple. Someone brought up the three early albums with Rod Evans and I thought, “whew, lucky I got those copied off that bad hard drive,” Except I checked. And I didn’t.

So the bad hard drive made yet another trip into the freezer and I found that I had extracted only a portion of the Deep Purple rarities stored on that decrepit piece of plastic. It made me wonder, what else was missing.

Keep in mind, this is about 2 terabytes of music files and things get forgotten in the shuffle. I know I checked and double-checked some artists but did I get everything? The answer was a resounding NO. So the process began again.

A lot of Deep Purple, my collection of Shostakovich string quartets by the Emerson Quartet (some quibble these are played a fraction too fast – I just don’t have that refined of a classical ear), a silly David Lee Roth compilation, some KISS (that’s a bit embarrassing), a rather large amount of Kraftwerk (that’s not embarrassing), live Robert Plant shows, some Dylan (!!!), and last but not least a massive grouping of Porcupine Tree rarities and live shows.

I love Porcupine Tree. They did a lot to keep me sane from the mid 90s to the late 00s. Here’s a track from their last official release, a live recording called Octane Twisted. If you didn’t play the piano concerto loud, I might suggest you give this one a try. I’ll just listen to it again and reflect on saving some great music that I truly would have missed.


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