I Fought the Lawn and…Wait, I Won


I hadn’t mowed the lawn in three weeks. That’s not as bad as it sounds. It gets dry here in late summer. The climate here used to be semi-arid and despite the fact that the climate is changing, we still get semi-arid for the last half of the summer. We haven’t had a good rain in weeks. So you have two options. Spend a small fortune watering it in hopes you can keep it alive or let it go dormant. The later results in a yard baked to a crisp but that grass does come back in the fall. So I let this lawn go with the knowledge that it will recover just like it has in the past.

Weeds don’t do dormant, especially North Dakota prairie weeds. Add to that the fact that the grass still grows in the shady areas. This lawn was starting to look unkempt. Yesterday a couple of neighbors gave in and mowed their lawns so I figured I better keep up my end. We’ve got some real hillbillies on our block and the name of the game is to not be mistaken for them. So today I got to work. And it was a bitch.

The temperature today wasn’t high and it’s far from humid, but working in the August sun is still strenuous. I mowed, dug up weeds in the flower beds, scraped buffalo grass and other free spirits growing in the cracks of the driveway, and trimmed back some other wild growth. By the time I was done I’d spent almost three hours out there. I guilted Carjo into making me lemonade (it was too early in the day for beer).

All the work I do is pretty much with my brain so it feels good to do something so physical. It also reminds that I’m still a bit out of ideal shape and I’m getting old. I can deal with the former and hopefully it will help with the later. But right now I will bask in the sense of accomplishment while I go back to work, slinging around words and symbols on the laptop. And playing the Clash.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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