A Clear Case of Neglect


I just finished five days of solid work, spending so much time in front of my computer my ass got sore. That’s not a good thing. So before I plunge in again I’ve got to get some priorities back in order. Clean up around the house, do some more computer configuration, update the blog, find that chapter of the book I was missing, print out a fantasy map, and oh, yeah, PLAY THE GODDAMN GUITAR!

It’s been one thing or another that’s been getting in the way of my learning how to play guitar. I knew spring and summer would bring conflicts but they really seemed to pile up this season. What little calluses I had have disappeared so when I do sit down my fingertips are stinging after ten minutes. Some chords that I had mastered have lost their mojo too.

The odd thing is there is still some progress. I can transition between chords better, which is the key to moving forward. So I’ve developed one chord progression that I’m going practice hard this fall. It’s just a collection of the more popular major/minor chords that, if mastered, will then open the door the rest of the way. That’s the plan anyway. And if the plan works expect something a little more…electric in 2017. As Rachel Maddow would say, watch this space.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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