I Think the Horns Look Good on Him


It all started with two friends of mine going to a concert.

A couple of former coworkers went to see Wishbone Ash in Minneapolis. Their reviews got me all excited to hear some live WA. The trouble is that the only live stuff I have is the old double album Live Dates and it was stuck on an old iTunes account. I had that account live on my old desktop so I figured it wouldn’t be an issue. It was.

Somehow, despite the computer being authorized, Apple was convinced that I had no right to play or burn those files. I tried authorizing and deauthorizing the account a few times. No dice. I reopened iTunes as an administrator. Still nothing. I changed passwords, user names. Nada. Finally I went back to my wife’s PC because she had the same thing. Again: authorize, deauthorize. Something finally took. I was able to burn Live Dates to two discs, along with about a dozen other songs that I wanted. I used the photo above for cover art and titled it: Steve Jobs Reigns in Hell.

Now I’m listening to Live Dates in my man cave, pumping it into the system from my laptop. It’s only MP3s but they’re decent enough. The harmonies are high, the guitars swap leads and weave, the bass is authoritative. That’s Wishbone Ash. And as far as the issues with iTunes, that’s all on Jobs. May he enjoy his stay in the nether world.


About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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