Caturday – I’ll Be Right Back


I’ve been away from the blog for awhile trying to get my head around a large work project. It usually takes me awhile to catch fire on these things. As I have noted here before, I’m pretty much an attention-deficit scatter brain. When I’m working on something tedious (and believe me, this is that) my attention span is that of a golden retriever. Everywhere there be squirrels.

There’s been a few other things going on. On Thursday we had to drive to Bismarck for a funeral. The service was for the matriarch of a family that lived on the same street as my wife’s family. My wife and her sister both felt their attendance was required, especially since the daughter of the deceased flew up from Georgia for their own mother’s funeral last summer. So we drove down to Bismarck and the SiL flew in from California. They knew quite a few of the extended family and we stayed well after the service.

Today I will have to abandon work and set up some Halloween decorations. I had to buy more orange lights for our shrubs outside because those cheap Target strings are only good for a few seasons and I threw away several last year. So today I’ll string those on the shrubs, set up supports for the Christmas flamingo (the ground will soon freeze), and bring in the lawn furniture. I should swap out the screens in the storm doors for the glass panels but my wife will freak out. Her need for fresh air is insatiable. Yeah, that works real well in the winter.

The cats in the photo above are Amy and Sansa. They tend to collect in Carjo’s office in the afternoon if the weather is a little chilly. The hideous carpet is a result of a chihuahua with bladder control problems. I’m real fucking thrilled about that but there’s nothing that can be done until we replace it. Such is life with pets.

Have a good weekend and I’ll be back next week.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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