So at Least Portions of Hell Froze Over


My baseball team is the Minnesota Twins. We’re just beginning a major rebuilding phase after years of spectacular front office incompetence and an indifferent/conservative ownership. How bad are the Twins? This season they lost as many games as the World Champion Cubs won. Yep, we really suck!

So I had no stake in this World Series. Normally I root for the American League team and I was tempted to do the same this year. The Cleveland Indians are from the same division as my Twins and are one of the greatest sad sack stories in baseball, having not won a championship in 68 freaking years. But there is that annoying drum in the stands, the racist mascot/nickname, and the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Don’t get me started on the RnRHoF.

The Cubs on the other hand do have an insufferable fanbase that is redeemed only by one Bill Murray. Seriously, have you ever met one of those people? I’m not talking about the serious baseball fans. I’m talking about the soulless cretins that say things like “I love the Cubbies because they’re the Lovable Losers”. If you’re going to get involved, get involved for the love of the sport, not some moronic “I don’t sportsball but I love the Cubs” bullshit! So I had to take that into account. But in the end I picked the Cubs. It was time for this streak to end. And besides, Bill Murray is one of the coolest people ever. Ever.

My wife isn’t a big sports fan but when she gets involved, as she always does for the World Series, it becomes emotional. She curses the bad calls and errors and yells encouragement to her chosen ones. She call extra innings “overtime”. She’s always convinced that the team she roots for is doomed and rides this roller coaster of optimism and despair. At the start of this series she locked in for Chicago. So this Game 7 took her on quite a ride.

As baseball games go, it was far from perfect. There were managerial missteps, fielding errors, and two pitching staffs that were just gassed. But for sheer tension and excitement it was phenomenal. True, it wasn’t the Twins vs Braves in ’91 but that was the greatest series of all time (and yes, pistols at dawn for anyone that disagrees). Extra innings, home runs, heroic pitching and heroic at bats. You can’t beat post-season baseball and this game was a perfect illustration why.

So my wife and I celebrated for the Cubs last night. It was a sweet buzz and I’m still feeling it. My baseball needs are fully quenched. And now the Twins fans pick up the mantra of the Cubs: “Wait until next year.”



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