All of the Time in the World


I’m getting into my winter workflow and it’s about damn time. I’ve got a work project that’s just stretching out into infinity that needs some focus and best of all, I seem to be getting a writing groove going as well. It’s a good time to be snowed in.

There are couple things that are facilitating that. First, my wife sleeps in. She has issues with disturbing dreams due to a medication she’s on. It makes her feel like she’s never getting a decent night’s sleep and she often doesn’t achieve a deep sleep until early morning. That keeps her in bed until almost noon and thus, out of my hair. Of course that leaves me to deal with all of the issues of feeding, watering, and letting out/in all the pets. It has taken a while but we now have an effective winter routine for that. When Carjo is up and her sciatica isn’t driving her insane, she’s in her office until suppertime, locked in on her endless compilation/condensation of recipes.

Speaking of locked in, my ADHD seems to have moved into a winter hyper-focus mode. I can be as spacey and as scattered as a stoned teenager, especially in the warmer months. But right now I’m getting enough sleep and seem to be in a groove when I either write or work. This will only last until late April/early May. So until that wave hits, I’m in the mode to crank out the work.

Every season seems to need a different routine but I am pretty good at the winter one. I spent a good part of this weekend doing jobs around the house. I felt particularly efficient mowing these down, from cleaning up the last of the Christmas stuff to shoveling out new paths for the dogs to vacuuming. Which leaves the workweek open for getting work done, getting writing done, and just staying focused.

Tomorrow we’re going to get hit with more snow and wind, followed by yet another spell in the deep freeze. Folks here will complain about being snow bound. Not me. For the next few months, snow bound is a good thing.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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