Sometimes My Pets Are Jerks


In the above photo we are using enhanced video technology to detect which of these four cats is Evil Incarnate. No surprise that it’s Sansa.

This morning kicked off with Pippin demanding to be let out before seven am and then by Merry barfing in the bed a few minutes later. The cats saw these two dogs behaving like jerks and said, “you think that’s something. Here, hold my beer.”

There were stampedes, leaps onto and off of furniture/dining room table/kitchen counters, brawls, and more stampedes. I swear it was a couple hours before the little bastards all settled down. I know they have some cabin fever but this was full blown feline hysteria. It was impressive but the shock waves were ridiculous.

Now we’re moving into afternoon and the cats are mostly lethargic. Except for Sansa who just opened the closet doors in the man cave just to see what she could fuck with. And Joffrey who keeps stomping on my goddamn keyboard. Some days it never ends.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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