The Final Problem was Pretty Problematic

Sherlock (series 4)

My wife and I love Sherlock. We love Sherlock and John, we love Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson, we even like Mycroft. We’ll watch old episodes now and then (I prefer S201). Carjo reads just a BIT of fanfiction. So we were really pining for this supposedly final season. Episode one was OK. The big death/sacrifice seemed like a bone to those who are convinced that John and Sherlock in an eternal romance is the way the series will end. And believe me, there is a lot of that out there. I could care less but I like to stick to canon. Episode two was sharp, fast and furious, lots of twists and turns, and ending on a perfectly good cliffhanger. The whole “missing sister” thing was a bit much but I could swallow it.

I don’t know why it was we didn’t watch the last episode right away. Maybe it was the same night as the Golden Globes? I don’t remember. But I did notice that the next day there seemed to be a lot of rage and fury and “what the fuck did you do” rants on the Internet. I didn’t read any reviews or rants. I just bookmarked them to read afterwards. And man, there were a lot of them. The stellar AVClub gave the episode a “D” which is pretty scathing. I was beginning to wonder what the problem was.

Last night we finally watched this clusterfuck of an episode. My wife, who ships our two leads pretty hard, was rather disappointed. I could give a shit either way. She slashes a lot of shows. Do not get her started on Stargate. Do not.

I can live without an actual mystery in the episode. I can live with a little bit of fan service. But the incredulous plot, failures in basic logic, failures in understanding even basic freshman psychology, disrespect for female characters, and on and on and on. Why did Euros, who sees all and controls all, end up in an attic all broken and…oh shit, the lack of coherence in that whole situation was ridiculous. The whole girl on the plane thing was just pathetic and so full of holes I’m surprised a producer or actor didn’t scream at Moffat and Gatiss, “NO NO NO!” But apparently no one did. At least the actress that plays Molly did rip Moffat a good one on Twitter for his explanation of how Molly dealt with her part in this catastrophe.

So that’s the way this series is going to end? With the worst episode of the whole shebang (and there have been some clunkers)? As the kids say these days…I can’t even. For a show about a man who depends on logic and deduction/induction to end with such a pointless mash of plot holes and unbelievable events is a slap in the face. Fuck you Steve and Mark. I mean that most sincerely.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to categorize this as I did with the third Alien movie, Godfather III, all seasons of Supernatural after S5, and a few other rank atrocities to perfectly lovable series/franchises: it never happened. Nope. This series ended with episode two and you can’t tell me otherwise.

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